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Saturday, January 8, 2011

{Why not Winter}

Many brides dream their whole lives of a summer wedding.  They want the sunshine, the tradition, the flowers!  But, why not winter.  Sure, if you live in a frozen tundra it may not be possible.  However, destination weddings are increasing in popularity and $$ can be saved when you marry in the off-season.  Even vendors will often lower their prices to secure work during this time.  Check the Farmer's Almanac for locations that are sunny in winter.San Luis Obispo, for example, is beautiful in January.  The temperatures may be lower than usual, but the sun is brilliant.  If your wedding is indoors, even better!  If you live in a Winter Wonderland, consider the magical beauty of snow and ice!  Some brides fear a long engagement and then face the dilemna of a cold-weather affair.  Embrace this unique season and the beauty it has to offer.  It may turn out better than you ever dreamed!

Here is a link to an article about Cali Winter Weddings!  Enjoy and comment with your advice on winter wedding locations and benefits!


  1. Hey Jenny! I'm a recently engaged girl getting married in the SLO area and wondering if there's any way to get in touch with you through email? I have some questions for ya! Let me know! Thanks!

  2. Hi All! Until my website goes live, you may e-mail me at with any questions! Thanks!

    xoxo Jenny