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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello engaged couples, wedding lovers, and friends!  Plans are coming together for Chapter 13 weddings; the website should be live next week, so check back in for the big reveal!

Also, The New Times is putting out a Wedding Mag in February (perfect for the month of AMOR).  Keep your eyes open for that as well!

WEDDING TIP OF THE DAY: Who do you know?
You might be wowed by the amount of people in your family and friend base who have the special talents, skills, and items that you need for your special day! Here are some ways I saved $$$ at my wedding thanks to talented friends and family!

1. Brothers sang and played guitars during the ceremony.
2. Friend made the cake.
3. Aunt had vintage bottles, windows, and suitcases.
4. Friend with technological skills ran sound/music.
5. Funny Uncle was MC for the night.
6. Family friend was caterer.
7. Florist friend gave advice.
8. Mom's friend made boutineers.

Consider your family and friends.  Do you have any: graphic designers, bakers, florists, party planners, musicians, entertainers, artists, hairstylists, etc.  You could save $$ and have a fun memory to share with someone who is special to you!

xoxo Jenny

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