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Monday, January 17, 2011

{The Perfect Touch}

As I planned my wedding, I remember the frustration of havng a visual in my mind of exactly what I wanted, but not being able to find it anywhere!  For example:  I wanted a white satin garter with rhinestones on it.  No lace. No bow.  Simple.  I looked EVERYWHERE!  I could not find one.  Finally, I searched etsy and found many fun and funky garters.  I bought this one and LOVED it.  It matched my vintage theme, my colors, and was totally unique (just like my green shoes!).

If you are having trouble finding the perfect garter, clutch, centerpiece, hair accesory, shoes, etc. consider looking at non-wedding vendors.  This way, you will find something totally unique and, perhaps,  exactly what you had in mind!

Happy Hunting!

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