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Monday, January 31, 2011

{All About Texture}

Want a new way to add variety to your wedding without a plethora of colors?  Try involving textures.  Perhaps you want one color: navy blue, yellow, pink, etc.  You do not NEED to create a color scheme.  Here are some ways to add variety to your wedding by involving texture.

1. Use burlap: It makes great table runners, centerpieces, and more. Check out the burlap ideas on the knot.

2. Use wood: A stump of wood with votive candles, wood  place cards, etc.
 Look at this awesome crafty centerpiece.  It can also be made into a candle.

3.Use Lace: Doily runners or centerpieces, lace tablecloths, doily garlands.  LOOK HERE
4.  Use Paper: fake flowers are becoming popular!  Martha Stewart's tissue paper balls are also a hot trend.  Pinwheels, banners, etc. Check out luna bazaar

5.  Use Buttons:  For corsages, bouquets, centerpieces, and more.

Style Me Pretty highlighted button table numbers! 
You can find great boutineers at ETSY

6. Use Metal: For centerpieces and more!

100 layer cake sells these

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  1. I like these ideas. My daughter is getting married in October. Her theme is rainbows and she has some ideas she wants to use, which are interesting. She's not going to be the typical bride. I wondered what kind of ideas you have for a rainbow themed wedding/reception. Can you email me at I wish we could use you, but her wedding is in OR in October. She already has a venue (outside) with planners, but I thought I could get some ideas from you. I will check out your website, too.