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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Finances and Flowers}

Although not all brides have a strict budget, some do.  Today's economy may also be causing brides to cut back in certain areas.  Consider what is most importnat to you at your wedding and then make cuts elsewhere.  One big way brides can save $ and also make sure they get EXACTLY what they want is through their floral selections.  Traditionally, brides hire a florist to design and create the arrangements and bouquets.  This can cost a pretty penny.  Here are a few alternatives that can cut down on this cost.

1.  Make your own floral centerpieces and only hire a florist for the bouquets.
2. Use candles or potted plants/succulents for your centerpiece instead of flowers.
3. Purchase flowers from a wholesale florist or farmers market and find a crafty friend to make the arrangements.

One advantage to choosing a wholesale florist or a local grower is that you may have more options when it comes to choosing exactly what you want.  I purchased the flowers for my bouquet and for my centerpieces from Aztec Dahlias and Sequoia Wholesale florist.  I was able to walk through a field of Dahlias to pick the exact shade, size, and shape of flowers I want!  What a blast!  I also looked through the floral books at the wholesale florist to see which flowers were in season.  Purchasing in season flowers saves money!  My bridesmaids and I made our own bouquets using items purchased at the wholesale florist, online instructions, and a knowledgable friends.  For all my centerpieces, bouquets, boutineers, and additional flower decor, I spent under $300.

Central Coast Brides: Check out this wholesale flower company in Nipomo!

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