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Monday, January 31, 2011

{All About Texture}

Want a new way to add variety to your wedding without a plethora of colors?  Try involving textures.  Perhaps you want one color: navy blue, yellow, pink, etc.  You do not NEED to create a color scheme.  Here are some ways to add variety to your wedding by involving texture.

1. Use burlap: It makes great table runners, centerpieces, and more. Check out the burlap ideas on the knot.

2. Use wood: A stump of wood with votive candles, wood  place cards, etc.
 Look at this awesome crafty centerpiece.  It can also be made into a candle.

3.Use Lace: Doily runners or centerpieces, lace tablecloths, doily garlands.  LOOK HERE
4.  Use Paper: fake flowers are becoming popular!  Martha Stewart's tissue paper balls are also a hot trend.  Pinwheels, banners, etc. Check out luna bazaar

5.  Use Buttons:  For corsages, bouquets, centerpieces, and more.

Style Me Pretty highlighted button table numbers! 
You can find great boutineers at ETSY

6. Use Metal: For centerpieces and more!

100 layer cake sells these

HAPPY PLANNING!  Be sure to check out my website!

Friday, January 28, 2011

{Website is Live}

That's right folks.  The Chapter 13: Weddings and Events Website is live!  Check it out to see pictures of my wedding, events I have coordinated in the past, and soon-to-come events.  Learn about what inspired me to start my business and check into my package pricing.  Enjoy!

xoxo Jenny

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

{Wedding Mixer. Mingle. Mingle.}

I am so excited to enter the Wedding Industry World. 

This Sunday I will be attending the Central Coast Wedding Professionals Expo in town as an observer.  I can't wait to meet all you wedding professionals out there! 

Then, in February, I am attending a local mixer for Wedding Industry Professionals. I am ecstatic to have these opportunities for networking, advertising, and growth!

My website will be up by the end of this week: stay tuned.  Business cards are on their way.  Let the merriment begin!

Keep checking back in for updates and advice and some fun and inspiring GUEST BLOGGERS!

Happy Wedding Planning

xoxo Jenny

Monday, January 24, 2011

{D.I.Y. Save the Dates}

Save the Dates are becoming increasingly creative and, often, homemade.  Here are some of my favorite ideas for Save the Dates:

1.  Take a picture (professional or self-shot) and create a postcard using your own computer or a photo upload site (shutterfly, vista prints, snapfish, wedding paper divas, etc.).  This allows you to make your postcard or image, exactly the way you want it.  Add a calendar, a cute phrase, information, etc.

2.  Photo Booth save the dates.  This can be done a number of ways.  You could actually hold up signs with the pertinent info in a real photo booth, or you could take separate pictures and create your own photo strip using a photo editing program. These can also be made into magnets (you can buy magnetic strips at any craft store.
3.  Creative paper.  I love colored paper and shaped paper.  Even better, is when it is in a translucent envelope.  Fill an envelope with papers in your various wedding colors an each with a different piece of information and/or picture.  Try scalloped, circled, rectangular, square, and heart shaped papers.  This can easily be done by purchasing colored cardtock, printing from your computer and using a paper punch.
4.  Ticket stub or vintage fold out.  There is a vintage craze occuring right now, which offers so many great Save the Date options.  I love the ticket stub idea and even used it for part of my reception program.  Check out some of the templates at  Creating paper that folds out creatively is also a fun way to send information.

5. Techological Announcements.  Are you a movie buff or a music fan?  Create a playlist of your fave songs, burn them on a CD, make a unique Save the Date label and send each guest their own disc!  Or, create a video announcement to send via DVD. Check out this website:

6.  OK.  I love this one, but it is not for everyone.  Check out the World's Smallest Postal Service.  I found this at :  Very unique!
Get creative and show your personality with save the dates!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{The New bud vase}

Lately, I have been seeing these flower arrangements everywhere!  Not only are they a great way to decorate your home, but they can make a wonderfully whimsical centerpiece while cutting down on flower cost.  It is unique simplicity and I love it!  This can be done with bud vases, old soda bottles, apothecary bottles, vintage white vases, and so much more! Check out these images from

Monday, January 17, 2011

{The Perfect Touch}

As I planned my wedding, I remember the frustration of havng a visual in my mind of exactly what I wanted, but not being able to find it anywhere!  For example:  I wanted a white satin garter with rhinestones on it.  No lace. No bow.  Simple.  I looked EVERYWHERE!  I could not find one.  Finally, I searched etsy and found many fun and funky garters.  I bought this one and LOVED it.  It matched my vintage theme, my colors, and was totally unique (just like my green shoes!).

If you are having trouble finding the perfect garter, clutch, centerpiece, hair accesory, shoes, etc. consider looking at non-wedding vendors.  This way, you will find something totally unique and, perhaps,  exactly what you had in mind!

Happy Hunting!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

{Finances and Flowers}

Although not all brides have a strict budget, some do.  Today's economy may also be causing brides to cut back in certain areas.  Consider what is most importnat to you at your wedding and then make cuts elsewhere.  One big way brides can save $ and also make sure they get EXACTLY what they want is through their floral selections.  Traditionally, brides hire a florist to design and create the arrangements and bouquets.  This can cost a pretty penny.  Here are a few alternatives that can cut down on this cost.

1.  Make your own floral centerpieces and only hire a florist for the bouquets.
2. Use candles or potted plants/succulents for your centerpiece instead of flowers.
3. Purchase flowers from a wholesale florist or farmers market and find a crafty friend to make the arrangements.

One advantage to choosing a wholesale florist or a local grower is that you may have more options when it comes to choosing exactly what you want.  I purchased the flowers for my bouquet and for my centerpieces from Aztec Dahlias and Sequoia Wholesale florist.  I was able to walk through a field of Dahlias to pick the exact shade, size, and shape of flowers I want!  What a blast!  I also looked through the floral books at the wholesale florist to see which flowers were in season.  Purchasing in season flowers saves money!  My bridesmaids and I made our own bouquets using items purchased at the wholesale florist, online instructions, and a knowledgable friends.  For all my centerpieces, bouquets, boutineers, and additional flower decor, I spent under $300.

Central Coast Brides: Check out this wholesale flower company in Nipomo!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

{Wedding Expo}

Hello Brides and Wedding Lovers!

Join me at the Central Coast Wedding Professionals Expo on January 30th!  Although I will not be there as a vendor, I will be milling about, handing out business cards, and investigating the wonderful wedding services that San Luis Obispo has to offer. 

This is a fantastic way for you to meet possible vendors and gain inspiration for your BIG day.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

{Why not Winter}

Many brides dream their whole lives of a summer wedding.  They want the sunshine, the tradition, the flowers!  But, why not winter.  Sure, if you live in a frozen tundra it may not be possible.  However, destination weddings are increasing in popularity and $$ can be saved when you marry in the off-season.  Even vendors will often lower their prices to secure work during this time.  Check the Farmer's Almanac for locations that are sunny in winter.San Luis Obispo, for example, is beautiful in January.  The temperatures may be lower than usual, but the sun is brilliant.  If your wedding is indoors, even better!  If you live in a Winter Wonderland, consider the magical beauty of snow and ice!  Some brides fear a long engagement and then face the dilemna of a cold-weather affair.  Embrace this unique season and the beauty it has to offer.  It may turn out better than you ever dreamed!

Here is a link to an article about Cali Winter Weddings!  Enjoy and comment with your advice on winter wedding locations and benefits!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Hello engaged couples, wedding lovers, and friends!  Plans are coming together for Chapter 13 weddings; the website should be live next week, so check back in for the big reveal!

Also, The New Times is putting out a Wedding Mag in February (perfect for the month of AMOR).  Keep your eyes open for that as well!

WEDDING TIP OF THE DAY: Who do you know?
You might be wowed by the amount of people in your family and friend base who have the special talents, skills, and items that you need for your special day! Here are some ways I saved $$$ at my wedding thanks to talented friends and family!

1. Brothers sang and played guitars during the ceremony.
2. Friend made the cake.
3. Aunt had vintage bottles, windows, and suitcases.
4. Friend with technological skills ran sound/music.
5. Funny Uncle was MC for the night.
6. Family friend was caterer.
7. Florist friend gave advice.
8. Mom's friend made boutineers.

Consider your family and friends.  Do you have any: graphic designers, bakers, florists, party planners, musicians, entertainers, artists, hairstylists, etc.  You could save $$ and have a fun memory to share with someone who is special to you!

xoxo Jenny

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Unique Wedding Decor}

Are you looking for unique centerpieces.  Do you have a specific vision or theme for your wedding that can not be achieved through party rentals and a florist?  Why not hit the thrift shops, antique malls, and garage sales to find what you need? 

I hit the jackpot prior to my wedding and found a plethora of mason jars, old milk bottles, and even vintage wine glasses that said "Bride" and "Groom".  My mom also went thrifting and found old candelabras and chalkboards.

Here are some great thrift store buys that can make amazing centerpieces or deocr.

1.  Old box cameras set atop vintage books
2. Old keys
3. Mason jars (for centerpieces or candles)
4. Vintage serving dishes (to hold potted succulants)
5. Old doors, windows, and empty picture frames
6. typewriters (for guest book)
7. Chandeliers
8. Suitcases
9. Candlesticks in various shapes, styles, and colors.
10. Lace tablecloths
11. Mix and match tea cups, plates, dessert glasses, and servingware (vintage coffee service filled with flowers)
12. Wagons, wrought iron pieces, jewlery, furniture for sitting areas, globes, vintage fans, etc.

The list goes on and on!!  If you want to be unique, consider a thrifting hunt!  ENJOY!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

{Winter Weddings}

Check out these ideas from for WINTER weddings.
Also, check out what THE KNOT has to say about winter weddings.

{New Beginnings}

Hello All!  Welcome to my blog.  I am so excited to be starting this business and I can not wait to see the beautiful and breathtaking events that will result from it!  After planning my own wedding on my own and in great detail, I decided to make a dream a reality and begin my own wedding planning business.  To view all the pictures from my wedding, please visit  Click on Clients, Scott and Jenny, and type in the password: Nanninga!  Enjoy the images.  It was a spectacular day!  It is my hope to bring the same joy I experienced on my wedding day to other couples!  Wedding planning can be stressful, and my job is to take away that stress so that you can enjoy your day without anxiety. 

In addition to planning and coordinating weddings, I love to throw parties and plan events.  New event photos are COMING SOON!  You will also be able to view my work on my website SOON!

Stay tuned for updates!