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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


There are some really fantastic out-of-the-box registries these days.  Here are four of my faves.

1. Traveler's Joy : Register for honeymoon activities and more.  Your guests can donate to your honeymoon fund or purchase activities or dinners for you.  Remember, however, that you will often receive cash and checks that will cover these costs as well.
2. Photo donations: Ask your photographer if they offer and option on their website where guests can donate money to your "photography fund" to help defray the cost of the photographer, prints, and albums.
3. Charity donations: Your guests can donate money to the charity of your choice, rather than giving you a gift.
4. Antique gifts: This is a unique registry site for the bride and groom who love all things retro and vintage.


xoxo Jenny

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