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Sunday, March 20, 2011

{Friday Find . . . on a Sunday}

Wedding Websites are a great tool for providing your guests with information about your wedding, telling your love story, sharing photographs, and even saving money.  Many wedding websites allow you to have your guests RSVP through the site.  This saves on envelopes and stamps you would otherwise be sending to each guest.  Guests can also find hotel information and request songs for your reception playlist!

Some of my favorite wedding websites are donr through  They have a ton of options for page layouts, and allow you to upload slideshows, videos, links, muisc, and more.

I recently discovered JOJO Wedding.  They offer really unique and professional layouts.  Check them out as well.

The Knot also provides free wedding websites.

I highly suggest making a website!  It is fun and your guests will love it!

Happy Planning!

xoxo Jenny

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