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Monday, June 13, 2011

{Wedding Crashing}

** Meet my good friend Chelsea!  I was a bridesmaid and my hubby was a groomsman in her wedding last March!
Our wedding was March 20, 2010 at Santa Margarita Ranch in Santa 
Margarita, CA
 1. What was your favorite part of the planning process?
My favorite part of the planning process was choosing the location. I 
knew I wanted a beautiful ranch setting and we were so blessed to 
actually find one that was perfect for our wedding. We also loved using 
a place that has such great history.
2. What was the most stressful or  frustrating part of the planning 
The most frustrating part of the wedding planning process was finding 
the bridesmaid dresses. I didn't want the ladies to have to spend a 
fortune and I even wanted something that would go with cowboy boots. I 
decided not to do cowboy boots because I would have wanted them to be 
matching and that would have been a huge cost for my bridesmaids. I 
also had a specific color blue in mind that I could not find anywhere 
so I ended up using a dress in watermelon that I loved so much I got 
one for myself and I have worn it on a few occasions. Call me crazy but 
I hold to the statement that they can wear it again! 
3. What is your favorite memory from your wedding day?
My favorite wedding day memory is waiting in the bridal cottage right 
by the garden we got married in, all by myself, nervous as I'll get out 
waiting for my Dad to come get me. I was peeking out at my soon to be 
husband who was talking to the wedding coordinator about how happy he 
4. How did your wedding reflect you two as a couple?
A lot of the wedding details had more to do with me than they had to do 
with Jonathan, but he had a huge part in the planning process. 
Everything we had went through him first and if he didn't like it we 
didn't have it. Jonathan and I designed a brand for ourselves and 
future family that consisted of our monogram letters nestled in a 
cross. My mom got a stamp that we embossed on a number of details and 
my dad welded a metal duplicate that he branded a few things with that 
were set out as decoration. We have the brand still although it is a 
bit big (1 foot tall)! Another detail that we did that reflected us and 
set us apart was that we had pies in addition to the traditional 
wedding cake.
5. What one resource (person, magazine, website, etc?) was the most 
helpful in planning your wedding?
My parents were my most helpful resource in the planning process. Not 
only did they pay for it all, my mom did so much work whether it be 
finding ideas on the internet or in magazines, making the place cards 
or sewing the table runners and my dad who made a number of wooden and 
metal pieces for the centerpieces and more decorations throughout the 
wedding. I love my parents, they are so giving and so talented and they 
did so much to make our wedding day a great success!

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