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Thursday, June 2, 2011

{Real Bride #4}

Meet Anita and Justin!  I am the day-of coordinator for their Pismo Beach wedding this summer!
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1.  What is the best part of the wedding planning process for you?

I'm the first child of my "generation" in the family to get married, so the last wedding in my family was over 10 years ago. My family is scattered around the country, so I'm thrilled to be an excuse for a reunion.  It's also been a lot of fun getting to know my fiance's family better throughout the wedding planning process, they have been so generous in offering their help!
2. What is the most difficult part of the wedding planning process for you?

Staying within budget! We made it a goal not to have any debt directly due to the wedding, so it's been challenging, especially considering we are getting married in a pretty expensive place - the central coast of California. Wedding planning also takes up a lot of time!!

3.  What surprises you about the process or about yourself in the process?
I am surprised how much emphasis the industry and some brides put on having this "one magical day" - I view our wedding day as just the start of our magical life-long marriage! It's so easy to get caught up in the spending trap - justifying wasteful expenditures like buying a new dress for every shower, or spending extra to have your butter pats shaped into little flowers. I'd much rather put our money towards saving for our future house or children!
 4. What has been your best idea or find so far in the process?

Finding less experienced but more affordable wedding vendors! I love that I'm giving some industry newbies a chance to show off their stuff. It really helps that I'm not a very picky bride. We went with a novice cake baker, so if the cake falls over, I'll scoop it off the ground and eat it - after smashing some in my groom's face, of course.

5. What are you most excited about regarding the wedding planning process?

Seeing it all come together and (hopefully) be a reflection of us - loads of fun, a little bit quirky, and just having all of our friends and family surrounding us and showing support for our future together.

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